Why does it take Karatbars so long to do anything

The hardest thing we can do is play this waiting game, Karatbars has to improve the ability to communicate at a professional level. I firmly believe this since we have not heard much about what is happening and why it is happening. Yesterday we listened to an announcement with no action taking should this surprise me, not at all.

If you go into your back office, the last piece of information we had on February 14th, was useless information. Who runs this company l have other emotions on this process. Leadership is not supporting what we as a team built; we are supposed to be partners with this journey. Harold has to address many issues and improve on many areas that should be a no brainer. Delivery of products, hell by the time most get their phone it will be outdated, support needs to be adequately trained with knowledge at all levels of the business.

If l need to be motivated or reminded of what l need to understand to be able to perform better, l will buy a book on this subject so many great ones out there. I do not need the CEO telling me this information, perhaps he should apply his message and action will cure fears he may or may not have. Tell me something l do not know, like what is going on with Karatbars. How do we bring anyone to this company and tell them how great it is or use to be?

The one advantage I use to use was, what company will buy back the product they sold you as in gold, now they do not repurchase it but have no problem taking a gram away from your weekly commissions. One of the biggest mistakes this company has made took away a competitive edge we had. No one can tell me why they stopped doing it, call support, and it’s a joke.

Look at Karatbit, and this system is running by WE have no idea who, but they have NO idea how to make it run smoothly; it is a system that needs attention. We are supposed to be leaders in this field of technology. We look terrible when we are not able to make a simple transaction as in a withdraw. We have people waiting for eight-plus days without any replies to their requests FROM SUPPORT. Is this how a billion-dollar company operates?

I am not beating up in a company I use to believe in, and they have just lost my trust factor with what was supposed to be addressed, and again a waiting game, not how to play the game, is played your word is your bond period.

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