Macro Trend Changes for Gold from 2018 and Beyond!

Understanding Gold and why it will always be one of the most trusted commodities, assets you can use to obtain any service you wish is crucial. Why most of us believed and why we joined Karatbars, is they provide an asset of the highest value, 24K gold with 99.9 bullion LBMA approved.  I want to introduce you to someone who l feel is one of the most knowledgeable men in this field. His name is Nick Barisheff, CEO of Bullion Management Group Inc. 

I firmly believe many factors indicate and lead me to the oldest asset ever used as a bargaining fiat, gold. I also firmly believe many factors indicate and lead me back to the best asset ever used as a bargaining fiat, without ever being manipulated by “Central Banks.” Karatbars introduced an entry-level opportunity to become part of owning this asset, with an affordable price, starting with a gram of gold. “Add this Asset” to your future retirement goals, without ever being manipulated again by central banks.

CEO Harold, the founder of Karatbars, showed the average person how to save more than they spent. Doing the things we do daily, the only difference is a much more superior return with current markets and other current affairs, always a risk, but one l felt relaxed with.

Now I am going to show you why we need to understand that tomorrow will be a special day with Karatbars, our Hard fork day (January 13th, 2020). Yes, we are going a different direction, one that is backed correctly by what Nick Barisheff will educate you with Gold and why it works. Best advice you will learn in 2020 combine this with crypto, what do you have?

4 thoughts on “Macro Trend Changes for Gold from 2018 and Beyond!

  1. Adrianus Vandenakker January 22, 2020 — 8:16 pm

    Joe this is Ad VandenAkker from Holland Mi. I talked with you last week over the phone. My issue with access to my karatbit account are finally solved. However I lost out on the conversion and was forced in to option 2. I hope that will turn out ok. Now that the KBC is so low in price I consider buying some more. Where can I do that the best is my question ? Thanks again for your help and creating your website to keep us all informed.


    1. We can talk on the phone, so happy you got your issues all done with Karatbit, now time to move on, l believe you will do well with “option B.” We can talk on the phone if you like to, l will see what l can provide you as information. Yes, it’s a good time to buy KBC coins.


      1. Thanks for your reply Joe, are you available this afternoon around 3 pm for a call ?
        Ad VandenAkker


      2. Yes, l am just call me at that time, thanks, Ad.


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