How to Re-Activate your 2FA

Karatbars has the Prolongation of KBC exchange until 13th January, since many affiliates still have not linked, or had to their coins transferred from Karatbars to their Karatbit account. Some of the reasons this has not been accomplished. Many have not linked their Karatbit account with their Karatbars account. 

  • How to link Karatbit to your Karatbars account.  
  • Log in into your Karatbit account.
  • Then in the top right corner, click ‘Settings’ see below example
  • After that click ‘Karatbars Authorization’ tab
  • Then click on the blue box with text and Karatbars logo

Once this process is done, it will automatically link both accounts, and you are all done. You can now proceed to your KYC’s in Karateist and follow the steps for each platform, starting with the Bronze Level.

If you have lost, forgotten your 2FA, you can now take steps to re-activate your 2FA, providing you have your saved your code that was displayed when you first step up your 2FA. Review the example below, the code is highlighted in blue, and you will need this code to perform the steps in reactivating your 2FA. Steps to be taken.

If you forgot to save the code then you will need to take another route in order for you to re-activate your 2FA, a little more complicated and a lot of work involved with this process. Review the steps needed to be taken in order for you to successfully recover your 2FA.

For 2FA reset, please send the following to

  • Karatbars user name
  • Karatbit ID number
  • Request that 2FA be deactivated and the reason
  • Attach the following
  • Picture of them holding their ID
  • Picture of them holding a handwritten note that says the following
  • “I (theirs or your name) wish to deactivate 2FA on my Karatbit account for username (Karatbars user name)”
  • It has to have the date
  • They must also include a Skype contact name (Your Skype username) where they will be contacted by support.

It is for security purposes to ensure it is the person who owns the account is the one wanting the deactivation.

The last item, if you’re having problems doing the exchange to KBC from KCB, here is a video explaining step by step instructions on how to accomplish the transaction. Watch Video Now.

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