Latest News on upcoming Karatbars Stock Market Launch

certainly hope you all had a wonderful peaceful Christmas with your loved ones, family members as well as your friends. So much has occurred since December 16, 2019, with Karatbars. I want to share some information written by (Vahid Chaychi his home page on Facebook) someone I feel understands how the Hardfork works, along with the Karatbars Stock Market Launch.

The article will provide you with information to help us all have an understanding spelled out in a language that we all can at least have an opinion. Below you will find some of the many topics Vahid Chaychi explains with great detail. You can read the full breakdowns on each topic.

  • KBC and KCB Haven’t Been Merged, But…
  • How to Convert KCB to KBC on KaratBit Dashboard
  • What will happen if you don’t convert your KCB coins into KBC by the 4th ofJanuary 2020?
  • KaratBars Stock Market Launch

As you can see, many topics for us all to gain some knowledge with what Karatbars is doing, and we are providing ourselves with the best information we can read and study. This post and his writing is not advice on what anyone should do, it’s his view, and I agree with what I also have read.  

Valid also wrote this post on how to calculate your KBC and KCB coins. -They are Creating one single coin gold-backed Gold Standard Coin. The new Gold Standard Coin (GSC) will have a fixed price of 0.14 Euros per coin, same as the KCB coin has today you can read more if you have an interest?

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