Official exchange rate = 2,54 KBC for 1 KCB

Yesterday was a day many of us have been waiting for, it finally arrived. If you go into your back office, it is officially posted under the tab General Tab, click on Downloads, then click on Terms and Conditions you will see the PDF File (fixing of the exchange rate KCB to KBC for the HardFork). Or you can just click on this link to get you the information on the calculation. Click Here

Lucky Rico is someone you should adhere to on his YouTube channel, outstanding knowledge within our industry. Karatbars has taken us all on a journey many of us had no idea, including myself. One that introduces us to a new way of doing business, so we need to educate ourselves with how cryptocurrency works. More on this topic in an article I will write before year-end.

Watch This short presentation Lucky Rico explained the exchange

We will also be updating with the current events in Madrid and sharing all the important topics that will be revealed during this event. Our next important date with Karatbars will be on January the 5th, 2020. Karat bars will announce the new total supply of KBC being defined, KaratNet KBC will be released. Finally, the much talked about migrated KCB to KBC can be freely moved and used in the markets.

Will we leave you with this video just released an hour ago
(6:20 EST) Dr. Greg Gerrie brings you up to date with developments happening in Madrid.

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