The Trend of Blockchain Phones and the Impulse K1

Ishan Garg writes this article is a cryptocurrency trader and a journalist. He is the founder of Blockmanity. He trades cryptocurrencies and holds some, but he prefers holding USDT. I felt it was a strong third party article with solid information with future of Karatbars.

Blockchain technology is not a new development. It first became known across the globe when Bitcoin was created. Since then, it’s been used for other cryptocurrencies such as Ethereum and KaratGold Coin.

However, Blockchain is not just about cryptocurrencies. It has been adopted by companies worldwide to complete transactions immediately and securely. The latest use of technology is blockchain phones. The phone which is getting a lot of interest at the moment is the IMpulse K1. This phone has been developed with the support of Karatbars International, a company that has already made use of blockchain technology when creating its own ecosystem. So, what does Blockchain technology involve?

What is BlockChain Techonolgy

Blockchain technology first came to the fore with the launch of Bitcoin and has been used for many other cryptocurrencies since then. However, the system itself has been acknowledged as being useful outside of the cryptocurrency world as well as within it.

The blockchain is basically a decentralized ledger. This Ledger consists of a number of different transactions known as blocks. These blocks are distributed across a network as opposed to being held on a central server.

Each user of a blockchain has a private key and a public key which they use in conjunction with each other to create a block. Once a block is created it’s verified by the entire network. Once the block has been added to the blockchain it’s not possible to alter it.

BlockChain Techonolgy and Smart Phones

One of the latest uses for blockchain technology is the creation of secure blockchain smartphones. These devices are intended to keep user data secure. They make use of state of the art blockchain technology. A blockchain phone that is currently the topic of a lot of conversation is the IMpulse K1.

This phone is being developed by the Karatbars group. Company founder Harald Seiz has previously extolled the virtues of blockchain technology and used it in many of his enterprises. Now, the company is joining the world of smartphones.

The IMpulse K1 Phone

The IMpulse K1 uses Voice Over Blockchain Protocol (VOBP). This helps to get rid of problems involving privacy and security that exist with current smartphones. All communications that take place using his phone are person to person (P2P) which means that there is no risk presented by third-party interference.

Further security comes from the fact that the phone makes use of Electronic Warfare Transmitted Location (EWTL) to enable people to protect the security of their location. Worm Guard technology is also present in the IMpulse K1. This technology is there to protect the private key of the user. This is a vital benefit as this key allows the user to use the blockchain once they have used the phone to connect.

This revolutionary blockchain smartphone is the latest in a line of impressive products from Karatbars International.

Here is the article written by Ishan Garg the founder of Blockmanity.

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