Explanation Of KBC and KCB Before The Merge

Some of the Key Elements about the KCB (KaratCoin Bank)

-It’s designed to be used as an accepted electronic means of payment for all who consider gold to be a secured and value-stable medium of exchange.

-The KCB coin is backed up by gold; it’s crisis-proof and has very little volatility compared to many non-backed cryptocurrencies.

KCB was launched in September 2018

-The current price of 1 KCB = 0.14 Euros or in US dollars ($0.15). The price of the KCB will remain at it’s current value until December 16, 2019. On December 16, 2019 the KCB coins will merge with the KBC coins (KaratGold Coin).

-They are Creating one single coin gold-backed Gold Standard Coin. The new Gold Standard Coin (GSC) will have a fixed price of 0.14 Euros per coin, same as the KCB coin has today

Also, important notice that you will only have up until December 15, 2019, 11:59 (CET) to purchase any additional KCB coins. It would be best if you were a Karatbars Affiliate; if you are not, you can still register an account here.

KCB will be listed on the first exchange sometime after December 16, 2019. The KCB Coin is also linked to the first cryptocurrency bank located in Miami called the KaratCoin Bank. The bank is also working on the international blockchain-based payment system.

The critical difference between the two is that KaratCoin Bank coin (KCB) is more of a utility coin. While KaratGold coin (KBC) is more of an asset coin. So, with KCB, it’s better to conduct transactions. While KBC is more like an investment.

The video l want to share with our readers was created by James Possible; he provides substantial information on the difference between the two coins and what might happen when the merge on December 16, 2019, occurs. Watch it now

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