Learn the steps to getting started with K-Merchant

K-Merchant will undoubtedly provide you with a solution. Many merchants have not yet heard of this amazing opportunity. The ability to offer another avenue of payment for their clients; accepting cryptocurrency as a future form of payment, while generating a stream of income at the same time with each transaction. Thisis what K-Merchant is.

You are sharing this concept with businesses you already are doing business with. Companies look at this cost factor daily; each transaction will create the business a fee. Debit/Credit transaction fees can be very high depending on the amount of monthly purchases. From my brick and mortar days, we averaged approximately $950.00 per month, just under $12,000.00 yearly as an expense.

Engagement is what we need to master and fully understand how K-Merchant works. You’re providing a solution that eliminates one of the operating costs. Profit is vital to any small or large business. Sharing the K-Merchant will be the most rewarding work you have ever done towards your future retirement.

Here are the videos in the order you should watch them. But hey, if you do not like one of them, go to the next one, how you do it is not essential; what is important is you do it.

Advantages of K-Merchant & CEM it’s a live webinar with Q and A, very informative for all viewers.

K-Merchant Presentation From Karatbars Part 1 This presentation gives you more information on the K-Merchant payment system.

K-Merchant Presentation From Karatbars Part 2 (How to set your account)Step by step with all setup procedures 

Add your K-Merchant link here, before you send it to a prospect. Then reword this sentence with your K-Merchant referral link,  (You will find this on the Karatgold site under referral links.)

Well written article on NEWS BTC on Karatbars K-Merchant Benefits as a merchant you get to enjoy. Learn how your company, whether it’s a brick and mortar or e-commerce review your benefits and features as a K-Merchant

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