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Karatcrypto Team Newsletter By Brian McGinty

Brian brings all us readers with the latest developments with our industry and company the good news and some out of character news growing companies much deal along with the journey.

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Some of the topics Brian covers on this weeks newsletter.

The CEM’s are packaged and ready to be lifted from Germany. They have been for a couple of weeks. The delay is with the company doing the exporting. They have assured Karatbars that they will start collecting them in the next few days

On a very positive note we have a wonderful promotion running at the moment which should not be getting lost in the noise.

TIP For The Week: There is a massive crash coming, and everyone needs some gold. People want to spend Bitcoin, and we have Kmerchant live. People are losing their jobs, and we have our business packages, people want privacy, and we have K1’s and Whims.

Harald and Josip intended to have an event in Sao Paulo, Brazil, in December, but after listening to a lot of feedback from the field, they have decided to move it to Madrid in Spain. Madrid is a central hub for the whole world and more comfortable for people on all continents to get to. If you want to understand how the points calculations are structured for all sales for upcoming events. Just follow these steps.

Login to your back office

click on commission tab at the top right side

Click on Special Incentives

Karatbars KaratNet Market Launch Incentive 2019

You will see all the incentives for your type of purchase.

This should provide you with the information you will need to plan your strategies to win tickets to upcoming events and qualify for the Madrid Event in December.

Again after listening to your feedback, Harald has decided to amend the qualification for the matching bonus and include a new, more accessible way to qualify. He is going to create a new IP package, which we can sell for just €50, and this will also count. Much better than €250 so easier for everyone. The other good news is that the start date has also been postponed until November.

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If you want to use one of the best presentational videos with potential new prospects, watch this video presentation below. You can also have it designed with your referral link, which will lead the new signup to your team. This site has a fee, and it will always be updated with further breaking information.

Watch The Presentation

Have a fantastic week, Happy Thanksgiving to all my family members, friends along with my business partners.

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