How to Calculate your KBC and KCB Coins

Mainnet – short for main network – is the original and functional blockchain where actual transactions take place in the distributed ledger, and the native cryptocurrencies possess real economic value. In other words, the mainnet refers to the actual open-sourced blockchain itself that is publicly verifiable.

If you have KBC and KCB in your cryptocurrency wallets (e.g. KaratBit or MyEtherWallet). You are eager to know how wealthy you will be after the hardfork day, here is the formula:


1 KCB = 14 cents divided by the market price of KBC (current Market Value 0.0288)

Read This article after you review the examples below. It will provide you with additional information on how I came up with these’s numbers. 

Let’s say you have 100,000 of KCB and no KBC coins.

You divided €0.14 cents value of KCB by two cents, the current value of KBC coins. Gives you now a profit of seven cents, (100,000 KCB coins times seven) gives you now, 700,000 coins. If you have KBC coins you would add the amount to your KCB coins and than times it by 7.

Now you take 700,000 KCB Coins (your new amount of coins) and divide it by 75, the required amount of KCB coins to equal one gram of gold. Effective January 1st, 2020 (Current value of one gram is €52.00 Euros) when you exchange 75 KCB coins, instead of 100 as it is currently. 

Now take your 700,000 coins and divided it by (seventy-five,) gives you 9,333 grams of gold. Take the number of grams of gold you have, which is 9,333 and times it by the current value of one gram of gold, which is currently at €52.00 Euros equals €485,333.33 Euros.

Let’s say that the value of KBC has a market value of €0.0400 cents on December 16th, 2019. Then this would change all the equations on the above example. Now you would take the amount of the KBC coin, which for this example we said it was €0.0400 and divide it into 0.14 the value of KCB coin. Now you have 3.5 instead of 7, so take the new number 3.5 and times it by how many KCB coins you have, the example we used was 100,000 KCB coins. Gives us 350,000 KCB coins, now divide it bt 75 and then times that by the gold value in (December 2019 lets say it stays at €52.00 Euros.)

Gives you 4,666 grams of gold times it by 52 (current spot value of Gold) and your profit is €242,666.66 Euros. 

So let us take it one step further, you or someone buys a Bronze Profit package, they would generate 1680 KCB Coins, at the cost of €150.00 Euros. So 1680 multiplied by (3.5) = 5,880 KCB Coins, then divide it by 75, and you get 78.4 grams of gold. It provides you with a market value of €4,076 Euros, using the gold spot price as €52.00 Euros. Not a bad return based on your total layout of €150.00 Euros, to possibly having a yield of €4,076 Euros. 

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4 thoughts on “How to Calculate your KBC and KCB Coins

  1. Thank you!


    1. Your welcome Chris, let me know if you have any concerns or questions.


      1. This is the first time I have found out how having KCB’s are compared to KBC’s. My problem is getting them into Karatbit as I have sent in all information needed to but no response from Katatbars


      2. Is your main account linked to Karatbit Gene?


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