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*WHIM Laptop Incentive*

The WHIM Laptop Incentive started on September the 15th at midnight CET. Please see the Incentive Presentation with the current rules and conditions in your back office under Downloads-Incentive. Make your best efforts for a chance at outstanding prizes!

Short Video on the WHIM LAPTOP

*KCB extension*

KCB availability is extended until December the 15th 2019. The hard fork will take place on December the 16th 2019.


The KaratNet started on Sunday, September the 15th 2019. From this date on the KaratNet is active and will pay out monthly for the KBC Supernodes. We anticipate the KCB nodes (Master- and Full nodes) will start paying out December the 16th, one day after the widespread availability ends.

*Unlimited access to CashGold on the CEMs*

Effective immediately, you will have unlimited access to CashGold at the CEMs. For your clear understanding, this means that you may exchange as many QR-Codes as you have produced on Karatbit at any CEM. If they are in full operation and enough CashGold is available in those CEMs.

*IPO as announced from our Chairman of the Board Mr. Josip Heit*

On December the 15th 2019, we will publish the official IPO prospectus. In this, you will receive all relevant information about the IPO.


The beta phase of K-Merchant ended on September the 15th. K-Merchant is now fully functional and available.

*K-Merchant is now free for all K-Merchant partners. In general, there are no fees on transactions for both involved parties*

*Commissions of approximately 1%* of the transaction amount will be paid to the Karatbars affiliate system. 50% as direct commission to the sponsor of the K-Merchant and 50% to the dual plan*. *(fluctuates based on the different exchange rates).

*All K-Merchant partners activating business accounts with Gold Status will be free of fees for the first six months after activating their Gold Status. After the six months has passed a yearly fee of 200 USD, payable in KBC, will be applicable. The six months period starts with the registration of the K-Merchant’s Gold Status. For those K-Merchants with Gold Status who are already registered, it starts from September the 16th 2019*

*Registration of a K-Merchant is only possible through the registration link available in your back office*

Going to leave you with this video, that will provide you with additional information on the direction Karatbars vision is focused on.

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  1. Thank you for the likes, much appreciated, more information coming our way on my next post.


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