Happy Easter – Some Important Updates

There are four important updates in your back office under latest news section, please review these updates as they are important and will keep you informed updated with the activity going on with Karatbars.

First Update:
This Friday, the 19th of April, you will have the possibility of choosing the commission payment either on Karatbars Mastercard or Bitcoin. If you like to have your commission paid out in Bitcoin, you must register an account at Karatbit.com first and then link this account with your Karatbars account. Read more in your back office.

Second Update:
Since yesterday, the registration for Master & Fullnode is online and available for you at Karatbit.com. Read more in your back office.

Third Update:
This update is very important and serious as many affiliates are getting spoofing emails allegedly coming from support@karatbars.com. Their subject was “The Official KaratBit – Congratulations, Your Bonus has been processed!” and they advised you to click on a link to claim a bonus.

This email has NOT been sent by either Karatbars, Karatgold, Karatpay or Karatbit as they would never send you an email or private message, prompting you to click any kind of link to claim any kind of bonus! Read more in your back office.

Fourth Update:
We are happy to announce that Karatpay is back as a method of payment on the Karatbit exchange and that the wallet to wallet transfer feature within the Karatpay system is back as well.

Karatpay has also added a new security feature in order to make your transactions more secure. Moving forward, you will need to enter a PIN for every transaction on the Karatbit exchange, as well as for wallet to wallet transfers. Read more in your back office.

At this point in time, Midas Connection would like to wish everyone a safe and Happy Easter, enjoy your time with family, friends, as we all know sweet memories we never die. Enjoy your holidays.

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