IMpulse K1 phone Explained Part 1 and 2

For all of us to fully take full advantage of the IMpulse K1 phone, we will need to understand why this phone will be one of the hottest phones, with sales worldwide.

We are going to share a short video with you on why this phone is so far advanced of it’s competition. This video will explain how this innovative technology (VOBP) (Voice over BlockChain Protocol) works which provides the most advanced security available currently.

IMpulse K1 Part 1 video

IMpulse K1 Part 2 video

You will want to have one, like most of us! What if l showed you a way of getting one when you purchase the IMpulse K1 phone along with 1750 Euros of KCB coins with a market evelation of 1750, the same amount you paid for the phone? What happens when KCB coins increase with market value? Remember BitCoins, no standard backing it up, Karatbars coins are totally backed by LBMA approved 999.9K gold.

Why Karatbars Coins will always have a true evaluation of the market, “Golden Reason!”

Register your “Free Account” and I will show you the rest! Click on the link below.

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