Understanding how matching bonuses work

Learn this system if it is the only feature you use to generate an income with Karatbars, so powerful and yet so easy to implement under the correct knowledge and guidance. I will illustrate all of the steps for you to become eligible for the matching bonuses.

With matching bonus you will be eligible as long as you create a dual commission or a personal upgrade during the week, then you would become eligible for the matching bonus in the following week. If your status is VIP you will be eligible to earn bonuses 7 levels or generations deep.

The video below will illustrate all the steps you will need to understand so you can qualify each week, for your additional matching bonus over and above all other commissions you have earned. With matching bonus all new affiliates have an opportunity to earn from the moment they join, once they qualify – the matching bonuses kick in.

The video above was created by Brian McGinty, Gold Direct Elite with Karatbars. You should subscribe to his channel for the latest news developments with Karatbars.

Your greatest mentor with our industry. 
No one better than Brian!
One of our greatest mentors within our industry.
Not many better than Brian!

If you have any questions regarding matching bonuses, or any other question about Karatbars feel free to call or send me an email.

If your still thinking about all of this, register now for an account with Karatbars. My dad always told me one thing, there is a word in the middle of the word “LIFE” –do not become one of them. I really do not need to explain it, right?

Just Do It! Register your account, and send me a reply when you do it!

Look at how the KBC Coin is performing all live and updated per second.

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