Your Hottest Prospect

Prospecting is the blood of our industry, it is what keeps us growing as partners with Network Marketing. We all have a ton of prospects who are already registered under us who have flat lines, they are basically dead, none active.

They have already joined your organization, but for whatever reason they did not upgrade. Most logical reasons are they were not ready at the time, or they did not have the funds for the upgrade. The question is, when was the last time you had any contact with any of your inactive prospects?

You need to follow up with your prospects, whether its via email, your blog, or website, but you need to keep your name in front of them. Some will tell you to take them off your mailing list, just do it – remove them from your list. Some will finally upgrade and be thankful that you kept on top of them with vital information that played a part on their decision to upgrade and start on their own journey of success. 

Request a free copy of this report, Now

We have created a PDF file, that will provide you with all the steps you will need to fully understand this concept and use it wisely. This will increase your closing ratio, which means your making money – why we do what we do, we need an (ROI) for our efforts.

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